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How To Stay Committed To Your Goals After January 
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

During the month of January, new goals and resolutions are in the air. You feel more motivated than ever. Then January starts to come to a close… and so does your motivation. How do you stay committed to your goals AFTER January and the new year, new you rush is over? 

Tips to stay committed to your goals

Use your SMART goals

Creating measurable and quantifiable goals can help you to stay on track and clarify what it means to accomplish your goals. Vague and ambiguous goals lack a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved. You can learn more about SMART goals in the Invictus Goal Setting Guide

Reward yourself when you hit milestones in your goals

Have a fat loss goal? Each time you drop 5 pounds, get yourself a new piece of workout gear. Want to get stronger in the gym? Every time you hit a PR get yourself a treat. 

Using rewards is a great way to stay on track and motivate yourself. Just make sure you are giving yourself rewards that won’t derail your progress!

Find and remember your why 

To find your “why”, ask yourself why you want to accomplish this goal. Will it make your life better? Will it make you healthier and happier? Will you feel more confident? Whatever your “why” is, try to keep it written down somewhere that you can see it to remind you why you are putting in the work. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the goal itself. When we forget the why behind it, that is when you can lose your motivation to carry on. 

Have a clear plan to get to your goal

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Or insert some other wise quote from a philosopher. Without having an actual plan we are aimlessly hoping that we will get to the goal without knowing if we are on the right path. Formulating a clear plan to help you get to your goal is key to being successful and not losing steam after the initial January new year’s rush. 

Accountability is key 

If you have no support system, or no type of accountability to accomplishing your goal then odds are you will fall off track. Help yourself stay the course until the goal has been reached by enlisting help from others. Find an accountability buddy, a coach or a friend who knows what you want to accomplish and reminds you to stay on track. A lack of accountability is the biggest barrier to success when it comes to your goals. 

Invictus Goal Setting Guide 

Want a free guide to setting and creating a plan for your goals? Check out the Invictus Goal Setting Guide, a free resource available for anyone looking to establish and accomplish a goal! 

Invictus Goal Setting Guide

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