What are rangefinders? These are optical devices that utilize the time of flight principle using laser beam technology to determine the distance to an object. The device is indispensable to the military, golfers, and hunters since their outdoor activity is all about accuracy with little or no room for error. So depending on the outdoor activity you are taking part in, there are perfect rangefinders with different features designed and built in to help you develop and make your skill even better.best hunting rangefinder under 200

How Do They Work?

They operate the same way an auto-focus camera does. It uses infrared where the laser beam locks on to a target and a pulse are discharged from where the laser beam bounces back off the mark and back to the rangefinder. The distance is computed by measuring the time taken by the electromagnetic wave to be transmitted and relayed back. Within seconds, an accurate reading of the range will be displayed on the rangefinder’s screen. Rangefinders can either be in First Priority mode or Second Priority mode. For example, golf rangefinders are First Priority whereas hunting rangefinders are of Second Priority.

So here’s what to consider when buying laser rangefinders:


No matter which activity you’re in involved at, the maximum and minimum distance range of the rangefinder is essential. When it comes to using a rangefinder, distance is key since it translates directly to the accuracy you’ll get once you take a shot. So whether you’re a golfer or hunter, be sure to take note of the maximum distance range of the device first. You don’t want the embarrassment and frustration of making a fool out of yourself with misfires, which can even turn fatal.

You have to choose a rangefinder that’s suitable and fits your specific needs. You should note that the maximum distance advertised is measured when the conditions are ideal. So if you want an 800-yard rangefinder, consider going for one with a 1200-yard maximum range that will give room to unfavorable conditions and other overcast conditions.

Size, Weight, and Portability

There are different sizes and weights of rangefinders in the market. From big to small, and others so light that getting a good range on the mark appears like your normal 3D eyes. You can get a rangefinder so light-weight, small and portable that it can fit in your pocket. As long as the intended use is constant, then you’re good to go.

Features & Type of Rangefinders

There’s no one-size-fits-all shoe situation when it comes to rangefinders. There are different types of laser rangefinders to choose from and all with come with diverse applications. Popular fields they’re used in include surveys, golf and hunting; special features are installed in each of them for the device to work effectively in its preferred environ.

There are different brands and models of rangefinders, all of which come with different price points. For you to get a good deal on a quality rangefinder, you must see more best golf laser rangefinder with slope reviews and your budget. Ultimately, when buying one make sure it particularly serves the purpose you are buying it for.