Bar Stools and Their Material Choices

Just as other pieces of furniture you’ve selected in your home, the material of your bar stools is important. You may want a durable material if you plan on them having a heavy use, or you might be more concerned with how well they fit into your home’s decor theme. There are pros and cons to all choices depending on how much and who will be using your stools. These are some of the options when deciding on the material you want in a bar stool:

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Wooden bar Stools are a solid piece of furniture and maybe the most expensive one. The upside is wood can fit into almost any decor, and with the added comfort of an upholstered cushion, you have a lovely looking kitchen stool. These should only be considered if you are using them inside; not all wood stools are not intended to be used outside. If you are planning to have your bar stools out, choose ones made from denser woods such as eucalyptus, teak, or acacia, as these woods are insect repellant and can stand up better in the weather.

Metal Stools have a more sleek look to them and are most suitable for industrial or modern decor and also for areas that do not have as much space. These types of bar stools should only be used indoors to prevent them from rusting.

Wicker or Rattan Stools will give you a timeless, casual appeal and work perfectly in a kitchen or sunroom. These styles of stools are lightweight, which makes them easy to move.

Leather Stools are incredibly durable and work great in either the fast-paced kitchen or the bustling bar. Leather is designed for messy environments, so work well if you have children as they can withstand a lot of spilled foods and milk. The leather bar stool does great in the commercial setting, so it can easily withstand any kitchen setting. They are easy to clean with a little saddle soap and leather oil to preserve. You want to be sure to use products specifically for leather care.

How to Choose Between White and Black Bar Stools

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Choosing a color for your bar stool will depend on your home’s decor, but if you are planning to stay neutral and go with either black or white, there are factors to consider when selecting the one for you. Both white and black will add drama to your decor, but there are ways you can have them add a harmonious and uniqueness to your decor. Color can often become more impressive when you keep it simple.

Black seems to be the first choice when nothing else will fit your idea of fitting in. This color is timeless and creates a simple design without standing out. Black is always a safe choice when you can’t find that perfect match of color to the rest of your kitchen. It is a versatile color and works great with all shades and other colors, and will look beautiful in any room. Sometimes people choose black bar stools to emphasize specific contrasts. Some prefer black as it will allow a particular feature to blend in, such as against a dark blue counter, a black stool fits in very well.

White bar stools are just as versatile and timeless as black but are entirely different. The white stool is more pretentious but can be just as stylish as the black. The white bar stool combines well with its surroundings and keeps the ambiance fresh, sophisticated, and airy. Some believe it is a good idea to pair white with white, so if you have a white countertop and white cabinetry, you may want to continue the theme with white bar stools.