Treadmills are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can use for running. However, not all treadmills are created equal, as some have better features than others. With that said, here are the top features of the best treadmills for running.

What Are the Features of Running Treadmills


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The best treadmills offer various speed options, such as low speed, medium, or fast. However, the best treadmills allow you to adjust the speed by choosing numbers from low to high. For example, one would be the slowest speed, and the fastest would be the maximum number that the treadmill goes up to.

If you already have experience with running, then go ahead and choose a treadmill that offers high-speed settings. Otherwise, go for a treadmill that offers you low to medium speed settings. Do your research and choose a treadmill that offers you the maximum speed you’re comfortable running at or would eventually like to run at.

Heart Monitor

You want to know what your heart rate is while you’re running. knowing what your heart rate is can help you determine if you’re running at a good pace for you or if you’re pushing yourself hard enough. Most treadmills do have heart monitors, but not all heart monitors work as good and some are a bit more high tech. Generally speaking, you should buy a treadmill that has a feature that measures heart rate simply by gripping the hand-grips.


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One of the best features a treadmill should have is incline/decline options. You should be able to select the desired level of incline or decline because this will give you the best running session. In fact, when a treadmill has incline/decline capabilities, then it’ll be as if you’re running outdoors on real landscape.

Plus, running on incline is a great way to challenge yourself, burn more fat and build lower body strength. Running on a decline also offers you a challenge. Whatever treadmill you buy, make sure it at least has an incline option, if it doesn’t have a decline.


There should be different programs to choose from. The best treadmills have running programs to select, such as a fat burning program or uphill running program. The exact programs a treadmill should have depends on your personal preference, but do make sure that there’s at least several programs to pick from.


Nobody wants to buy a treadmill and then struggle to run on it due to poor gripping power. This is why the best treadmills offer tremendous gripping power for those who use it. When you stand on a treadmill and start using it, you should immediately feel safe and secure on it. Your feet shouldn’t easily slip on the treadmill.

The best treadmills offer multiple speed options and a heart monitor. They also have decline/incline options, various programs to choose from and your feet should have a good grip on the running belt. With that said, all you have to do now is shop around for treadmills, compare as many as possible and then buy the one you like the most.