If you enjoy playing basketball on the regular but don’t want to install a wall-mounted or inground basketball system, then investing in the Spalding portable basketball hoop is the most viable option for you. Portable basketball hoops offer numerous advantages that make them a worthy purchase. Investing in one offers you more convenience, flexibility, and versatility than the other options.

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For starters, it is a full system, which means you can start playing immediately after setting up. Installation is quick and easy as no concrete is required to mount and no hole is required for pole installation. They can be easily moved around which means that you can play them anywhere.

Certain places will require you to obtain structure permits in order to install wall-mount or in-ground basketball systems. However, a portable basketball hoop helps you to avoid such hurdles when trying to enjoy your favorite game. In addition, if you are constantly relocating, installing a wall-mount or in-ground basketball system is not an economically viable option. This is due to the fact that the costs of repeatedly installing a new one in every new location will run high in the long run.

There are many flexible portable basketball hoops available out there which allow you to adjust the height of the hoop. This is definitely the best option for those who have children or those who would want to practice at lower heights and gradually increase the challenge as they get better.

If you love dunking and are wondering whether you can slam-dunk on a portable basketball hoop, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are models which permit upgrades such as breakaway rims which allow for dunking.

It is clear to see that portable basketball hoops have many advantages and are able to cater to varying needs. However, there are thousands of options out there and not all offer quality. To help you find the best portable basketball hoops, here are some factors to consider when looking for a basketball hoop.

The Capacity of the Base

The capacity of the base heavily determines the stability of the hoop. The base is usually filled with water or sand and is measured in gallons. Cheap hoops have the base capacity of around 27 gallons. This is partly because they also feature plastic backboards which are light. The best hoops to choose from have a base capacity of 37 gallons and more since they are able to offer sufficient stability. Some of the most expensive hoops have a base capacity of 50 gallons. However, the base of the hoops also affects the portability of the hoop. It is therefore important to keep this in mind.

Support Pole and Overhang

You definitely want a pole that is strong and provides enough stability. The configuration of the pole is also important. Poles with two-piece configurations not only provide for height adjustment but they also have less moving parts which mean that they are more stable than poles three-piece configurations.

The overhang is the distance between the backboard and the pole. It goes without saying that there should be enough clearance so as to avoid crashing into the pole.

Backboard Size and Material

Professional backboards measure 72 inches wide, however, for portable basketball hoops you don’t require such big backboards. However, you shouldn’t go for a backboard that is too small as it interferes with your playing experiences. The backboard you choose should be at least 54 inches.

Polycarbonate (plastic), acrylic, and tempered glass are the most commonly used materials for backboards. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to learn the differences between them before purchasing.